Business review Q1 2024

LeadDesk published its January-March Business review on 24 April, 2024. See result material below.

LeadDesk in brief

LeadDesk offers a cloud service for sales and customer service, such as contact centers. Majority of LeadDesk clients work in the fields of media, security services, energy, telecommunications, financial services, and market research.

LeadDesk is a leading supplier of sales and customer-service software in Europe. It currently operates from seven local offices across Europe. The cloud service is used by over 1000 customers and handles over 500 million customer contacts annually.

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Why LeadDesk?

Market trends

Digital customer encounters are constantly evolving, influenced by new social media and other online platforms. As a result, solutions that bring together different digital interactions and forms of communication are needed. At the same time, recruiting qualified staff is a challenge, but using AI and automation in customer encounters improves service quality and efficiency. With the growth of AI, digital transformation, and cloud-based services, we expect our market to expand significantly this decade.

Competitive advantages

LeadDesk operates as a standalone cloud solution, providing a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to manage customer encounters in the cloud. Our cloud-based solution flexibly adapts to customer requirements, ensuring effective scalability. LeadDesk's strong growth over the past decade is a testament to its strong competitiveness and ability to meet the challenges of modern business with cloud technology.


Our main market is Europe, where we have built our market position by focusing on SMEs and expanding into larger Enterprise customers in more mature markets. We have also strengthened the competitiveness of our product through acquisitions. Approximately 60% of our revenue already comes from outside Finland. We have offices in seven countries and our software is used worldwide.

Business model

The core of our business is the LeadDesk cloud service, which operates on a SaaS model with recurring billing. Approximately 80% of our revenue is recurring, high-margin revenue, mainly from business-critical applications, which means that our business is inherently highly scalable.


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