LeadDesk in brief

LeadDesk in brief

LeadDesk is a leading supplier of sales and customer-service software in Europe. LeadDesk offers a cloud service for sales and customer service, such as contact centers. Majority of LeadDesk clients work in the fields of media, security services, energy, telecommunications, financial services, and market research. The cloud service is used by over 2,000 customers and handles over 500 million customer contacts annually.

The founders of LeadDesk are salespeople through and through. LeadDesk was founded in 2010 to revolutionise the call center industry. We wanted to help agents close more deals and more cases from day one. And that’s what we do: Sales up. Costs down. Shorter resolutions. Faster response times. Happy agents. Happy customers.

LeadDesk has local teams in eight countries where we provide local language support. Our 170+ team members hail from countries all over Europe and the world, bringing international talent together to build the best contact center solution available.

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